Frequently Asked Questions

How old must a student be to begin driver’s education?

A student can begin driver’s training at the age of 14 ½ years old.

How old does my son/daughter have to be to get a driver’s permit?

They can get a driver’s permit at the age of 15 to 15 ½ years old.

How long does a class take?

We offer classes during the summer and school breaks which lasts for 4 days. During school hours we offer night and weekend packages to accommodate most schedules.

What happens after my son/daughter has completed the 30-hour class?

After the student completes and passes the 30-hour classroom course, they will receive a certificate of completion that they can take to the DMV to obtain their driving permit if they have reached the age of 15 years old. This permit allows the student to begin driving with their parents to complete their 50 hours of practice driving. 10 of the 50 hours must include driving at night.

How long must they carry their permit?

They must carry their permit for a full year. After that full year they can apply for a driver’s license if they have reached the age of 16 years old. The driving permit is valid for 3 years after it is issued.

How long do students have to complete the 6 hours drive time?

They have 16 months to complete all three, 2-hour drive times. They must have 10-15 hours driving time logged with their parents before their first two hour session can be taken. Then the remaining 2-hour behind the wheel drive times must be completed after that.

What is BTW?

BTW = Behind The Wheel Training. BTW training consists of three, 2-hour drives. One drive focuses on driving in the city and includes parallel parking. One drive focuses on highway driving and merging. And one drive focuses on mountain driving. All three driving routes are approved by the State of Colorado.

How far apart do the drive times need to be setup?

We ask that the first drive time is not set up till they have completed 10-20 hours drive time with their parents or guardians. But, all drive times must be completed within the 16 months.

What curriculum do you teach?

Our curriculum is approved by the State of Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles. We utilize the Pearson “DriveRight” 11th Edition textbook.

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