Start Smart Driving Academy is a State of Colorado certified third-party testing site that is certified to administer both the State Driving Test and State Written Permit Test. To obtain a State of CO driver license, you must first obtain a valid learner’s permit to be able to take a driving test.

For your convenience, we are open Monday-Saturday to administer the State Driving Test. We prefer appointments but can accommodate walk-ins too!

You can book a State of CO driving test with us online at:

Please see below for more information on the requirements to obtain a State of Colorado learner’s permit or State of Colorado Driving Test. Feel free to call us at 720-379-5910 or email us at startsmartdrivingacademy@gmail.com if you have any questions or to get more information.

When taking a State of Colorado drive test, you will be tested in accordance to Colorado State law. Please refer to pages 1 & 2 in the Colorado driver handbook to understand what you will graded on during the drive test.  Please see the Colorado driver handbook found here.



WRITTEN PERMIT TEST – $30 (Cash or Credit Card Accepted, includes 2 attempts)

Start Smart Driving Academy provides the State of Colorado written permit tests for our current students only. If you are a student of Start Smart Driving Academy, most of our packages currently include 2 attempts at the written permit test.

If you are not a student of Start Smart Driving Academy, you can take a written permit test at the DMV (by appointment only at https://dmv.colorado.gov/AppointmentScheduling) or you can now do State of CO written permit tests online at https://coathometesting.com/).

Once completing and passing the written exam at the DMV or by taking the written test online, you will need to obtain your permit at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

To obtain a State of Colorado permit, the following are requirements for teens and adults:


  • At least 14 years 11 months must complete a 30-hour Driver’s Education Course (Online or Classroom) before taking the written permit test. The 30-hour course can be taken at 14 years 6 months old (see COURSES page for more info).
  • 15 Years old – 15 Years 6 Months must complete a 30-hour Driver’s Education Course before taking the written permit test.
  • 15 Years 6 Months but less than 16 Years Old must complete ONE of the following:
    • 30 Hour Driver’s Education Course (Online or Classroom)
    • 4 hour expanded driver awareness program
  • 16 Years – 18 Years No formal education required but the 30-hour course or 4-hour course is suggested.


  • No formal education required. We suggest studying the Colorado Driver Handbook prior to taking the written permit test (see link below). Adults can also take our 4-hour Driver Awareness class or 30-hour Driver’s Education Course (Online or Classroom) for additional education.
  • Once you obtain a valid CO instruction permit, we can then do a drive test with you. To schedule a drive test appointment with us, you can go directly to the Schedule Here link in the State Driving Test section of this page or by calling our office at 720-379-5910.

Before taking the written test please:

  • Study the Colorado Drivers Handbook located at CO Driver Handbook.
  • Bring a valid CO-issued ID or if you do not have a valid CO-Issued ID, pre-register online (see next item).
  • Pre-register with The State of Colorado to apply for a new license via the following instructions located at https://dmv.colorado.gov/pre-registration and bring the preregistration code with you to your test appointment.

STATE DRIVING TEST – $70 Our Vehicle or Your Personal Vehicle/$70 Interlock Drive Test with a Restricted Permit (YOU MUST PROVIDE AN INTERLOCK VEHICLE – WE DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL VEHICLES WITH INTERLOCK INSTALLED) (CASH or CREDIT CARD Accepted)

You can add on a discounted drive test for only $60 if added at time of driver education package enrollment. That’s a $10 savings! Please go to the COURSES tab to enroll in driver education.

The State of CO DMV is no longer conducting any drive tests. However, you can often do your driving test with us the same day or next day. We prefer appointments but will accept walk-ins as well. Testing appointments will have priority over walk-ins. To take a driving test, you must have a valid State of Colorado instruction permit, regardless of age. Our drive test routes are State approved. The drive test, including time to process the DMV paperwork, takes about 45 minutes.

Drive tests can be done in your personal vehicle or in one of our school vehicles. If you have a restricted permit that requires a drive test with Interlock, we will do the drive test in your vehicle with Interlock.

To take the driving test with us you must present these documents prior to taking the test:

  • Valid Permit (See Teen Graduated Driver’s License Requirements Below)
  • Proof of Insurance (only needed if testing in your personal vehicle)
  • Valid Current Vehicle Registration (only needed if testing in your personal vehicle)
  • 50 Hour behind the wheel log required (if under 18)
  • Testing Fee



For teens to qualify to take their drive test, the following are required:

  • 16 years – 16 years 6 months
    • Must hold learner’s permit 1 year from issue date
    • Must log 50 hours behind the wheel (at least 40 daytime and 10 nighttime)
    • Must complete 6 hours behind the wheel training with a driving school
  • 16 years 6 months – 18 years
    • Must hold learner’s permit 1 year from issue date
    • Must log 50 hours behind the wheel (at least 40 daytime and 10 nighttime)
  • 18 years and older
    • No minimum behind the wheel hours or holding period requirements
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