Refund Policy

Before signing up for a drive test, please review our refund policy.
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Start Smart Driving Academy Drive Test Refund Policy

  1. The price of a driver license test is stated on our website. A credit card is required to schedule a drive test online. If you pay just the $35 deposit at time of booking, we accept CASH or CREDIT ONLY for the remaining balance at time of the appointment. We DO NOT accept Apple Pay.
    1. Our drive test fees are independent and separate from any fees that the DMV may charge to obtain a State of CO instruction permit or State of CO driver license.
  2. The customer will be refunded in the full amount if the scheduled appointment is canceled at least 18 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment start time.
  3. The customer will not be issued a refund and will forfeit the dollar amount paid for the service after canceling an appointment within 18 hours of the scheduled appointment time.
  4. The customer will not be issued a refund and will forfeit the dollar amount paid for the service if they arrive at the testing location (present inside our office) more than 5 minutes late to their scheduled appointment start time.
  5. The customer will not be issued a refund and will forfeit the dollar amount paid for the service if they are ineligible to take the drive test. It is the customer’s responsibility to know the requirements to be eligible to test. Testing requirements can be found on our website, the DMV’s website, and our office staff can provide information to help answer any questions about the requirements.
    1. Per State of CO law, if you are under the age of 18 years old, you are required to hold your permit for at least 1 full year from the issue date to be eligible to test.
    2. Per State of CO law, if you have a RESTRICTED PERMIT, you are required to take your drive test in an interlock vehicle. We DO NOT have any school cars that have an interlock system installed. You must provide an interlock vehicle for your drive test. If you arrive for your drive test with a restricted permit and you do not have an interlock vehicle, you are not eligible to do a drive test and your drive test fee will not be refunded.
  6. We have the right to refuse service for any reason. Refunds will be issued at the company’s discretion.
  7. The customer understands that we cannot guarantee that any service will be on a specific day at a specific time.
  8. If there is inclement weather or there is snow or ice on the road and the customer does not feel comfortable testing in those conditions, they can cancel their test up to 1 hour before the test time and re-schedule at no charge. Please note: According to state standards if the car slips, spins, or slides on the test, this is considered an automatic failure so make sure you take it slow and easy.

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between Start Smart Driving Academy and the customer, and any verbal assurances or promises not contained herein are not binding on either Start Smart Driving Academy or the customer.


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